16 songs by Raimond Valgre For Accordion

Henn Rebane
16 Raimond Valgre laulu akordionile

16 pieces. Recording on summer 2017

Arranging and recording R.Valgre’s music, the way I understand it, has been my desire for a long time. 

Now you too have the possibility to listen to it.

01. I Hear A Little Story In The Music.mp3
02. Saaremaa Waltz.mp3
03. Helmi.mp3
04. I Hope I Can Get Over It.mp3
05. Coming Back To You Soon.mp3
06. Bluebird.mp3
07. Aegviidu Waltz.mp3
08. I Still Remember.mp3
09. Narva Waltz.mp3
10. Pärnu Ballad.mp3
11. Spring Has Come Again.mp3
12. Sunday In Kadriorg.mp3
13. Tartu March.mp3
14. Erika.mp3
15. Kiss Me.mp3
16. Viljandi Serenade.mp3