New Folk Duo "Eesti Asi" Henn Rebane and Robert Jürjendal guitar

Henn Rebane
Robert Jürjendal
Eesti Asi

CD "Eesti Asi" Improvisations based on old transcriptions of Estonian folk songs and tunes. Besides the traditional folk intonations, different sounds and rhythms of the World Music are used, building a bridge between old and new.

01. Henn Rebane “At Easter Time”.mp3
02. Henn Rebane “Flight Over Mikitamäe”.mp3
03. Henn Rebane “Silver of Petseri”.mp3
04. Robert Jürjendal “Kose Dance”.mp3
05. Henn Rebane “Ai-tsuba-luba”.mp3
06. Robert Jürjendal “Countra Dance”.mp3
07. Henn Rebane “A River On Fire”.mp3
08. Henn Rebane “Slavery”.mp3
09. Henn Rebane “A Wedding Polka”.mp3
10. Henn Rebane “A Gypsy Whipping His Wife”.mp3
11. Henn Rebane “A Piece from Kadrina”.mp3
12. J.Aavik, Robert Jürjendal “Going By Train”.mp3
13. Henn Rebane “Mõniste Dance”.mp3
14. Henn Rebane “Sangaste Samba”.mp3
15. Robert Jürjendal “Rise Up My Heart”.mp3