Henn Rebane - free-lance musician and lector

Jimmy Giuffre “Four Brothers” Henn Rebane, Raivo Tafenau, Allan Jakobi, Jaak Lutsoja -  Tähelaev

Henn Rebane “Sambossa 5” Henn Rebane, Allan Jakobi, Jaak Lutsoja -  Tähelaev


Henn Rebane is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding accordion players in Estonia. After graduating from Estonian Academy of Music he played in early music consort Hortus Musicus. Since 1980 he has been making tours in several countries: Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Japan and India. He has organized several Accordion Festivals in Estonia, participated in the work of the international juries. In 1990-94 he taught accordion at Kokkola Conservatory, Finland.

Besides the academic and the traditional accordion music he has studied and played music from other countries, including French musette, cajun and also rock music.

At the present time he is working as a free-lance musician and lector. He has written and published pedagogical materials, accordion books and articles. Henn Rebane has worked with many artists and has recorded 12 CDs and 2 LPs.