Dances with Accordion

Henn Rebane

(The book includes 24 pieces with CD).

The idea was to write easily memorable melodies enriched by exiting harmonies and rhythms. You will come across with different techniques, including the ricochét tremolo of the bellows, which enliven the music and offer interesting playing methods. Even the players of free bass accordion will find several pieces for them. The dances are chosen from different eras: the saltarello influenced by the dance from 15th century Renaissance Italy, the Baroque minuet, the dances of ragtime, milonga and tango with a mood from a century ago, etc. Some of them, by contrast, are more abstract, like "After the Rain", "Ballet-Ètude", "Cancan of the Knights" or " Dance of the Tin Soldier". You will also find influences from the French musette and, of course, from the Latin American music. The pieces are arranged in the order of difficulty beginning with the simple ones. Some sections of sheet music might look tricky and confusing but don't let yourself be frightened - all the arrangements are carefully thought through to be playable with sufficient preparation. I wish you pleasant musical moments!

Tantsud akordioniga